At Puzzle, we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where every member feels valued and connected. We prioritize the well-being and compensation of all team members, ensuring that everyone's rights are respected and needs are met.

Competitive salary
Clear training path
Seminar, workshop
Team building, annual traveling
Holiday gifts
Insurance, paid leaves
Weekly board games
Weekly sports
Free snacks, dinner

Process for Advancing to the Next Level

At the end of each quarter, employees at Puzzle are encouraged to self-assess their own performance, which is then evaluated by their direct manager. This evaluation process occurs twice a year and is based on the company’s 8 core values, ensuring that it is a fair and objective process that includes cross-review.

This cyclical review provides an opportunity for each individual in the organization to evaluate their own development and performance. By assessing the results, managers can identify areas for improvement and provide targeted support to help members grow and succeed.

Elevating your rewards: How we recognize and reward our team for their hard work

At Puzzle, we value the continuous growth and improvement of our team members. That’s why we have a cyclical review process that is based on our 8 core values and is designed to be fair and objective. This process provides an opportunity for each individual to assess their own development and performance, as well as receive feedback from their manager and peers. With these insights, we can better identify areas of improvement and provide focused support to help everyone reach their full potential.

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