On-the-Job training process of Development team

At Puzzle Studio, employee development is always a top priority. We understand that the lack of knowledge and working experience is inevitable for the young staff. Therefore, the company has designed a training process and courses on Learn system, OJT system, LMS system, seminars.

Each individual joins the company will be given a specific OJT skill development roadmap by the team leader. Besides, Puzzlers can freely learn a variety of knowledge through the online courses at LMS that we offer on hr.puzzle.sg. After that, the knowledge and skills that they learned can be share among the team members for developing together.

Once you become an expert, you can fully contribute to the company’s course library resources as well as organize seminars.

Long Nguyen
Junior Unity Developer

Starting as a fresher, I never worked in a professional environment or had contact with advanced programming processes of the world like Scrum until I joined Puzzle. Since then, I learned a lot of new skills and useful knowledge.

Along with the clear OJT training schedule that is closely followed by each individual's ability, I feel that I have made remarkable progress after working for more then a year. Starting from 2D projects, I can now confidently execute 3D projects that require higher complexity.