With a special interest to the young generation, we always want to be able to help young talents develop more in their profession. Therefore, Puzzle organizes Internship programs to train future professional game developers.
Participating in the Internship program, the candidates will be involved in the process to design a professional game product. A formal internship program with a multitude of experiences will be created depending on your orientation. After the internship, you will have the opportunity to become an official member of Puzzle

2D/3D Artist Intern

Skills that are trained and developed during the internship:

2D artist

– How to design layouts for games, thinking about UI/UX

– 2D Animation

– Develop more about 3D design (if passionate about this field)

Some skills are trained and developed during the internship for

3D artist

– 3D design on Blender platform

– Developed according to the desired development area such as Model / Texture / Rigging / Animation / Video Concept 3D…

– Understand the design process and develop more about Unity’s Particles Effect design – Training on new technologies and how to handle problems in the model

Unity Developer Intern

When attending the Unity developer internship program, you can have the chance to learn and execute real project to develop:

  • Design patterns
  • Logical code structure, file naming, assets in practical projects
  • Optimize assets and code
  • Unity Editor
  • Make and complete many game projects from scratch

Q & A

When does the internship program take place and how to apply?

The program runs throughout the year and you can track and apply for open internship positions on the recruitment page.

I have graduated. Can I join the internship program?

It doesn't matter if you graduated or not. If you are passionate and have enough basic knowledge, feel free to send your resume to Puzzle.

Will I receive any supports during the internship?

You will have internship allowance, parking fee, professional guidance throughout the process, internship certificate (if needed).

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